Batreps & feedback

Hello all

First, I hope you all had a happy holiday, and wish you and yours a very happy 2012!

One of the gaming-related highlights of the holiday for me was the recent feedback received on the game.
NY3K is currently rated 8.66/10 overall on WargameDownloads. Granted, that's on 3 customer reviews only and still less than Golgo Island (I just realised it was rated 9.34/10!) - but it's far from a bad start, and it's a real pleasure to see fellow gamers enjoying the rules :)
The icing on the cake is the cool batreps some fine folks of the Post-Apoc forum posted. With their permission, I'm sharing them here.


Mr Clean's:

Many thanks to them for taking the time to share those games!

While I'm at it, I heartily encourage you to visit the forum, if you never have - it's got to be one of the coolest places in the tabletop gaming internet.