The Game

After the nuclear holocaust, a man raised to federate the survivors in a shattered America: that man is the President of the United States.
And it is after his call that thousands of survivors have been heading to New York, the city that he chose to rebuild the land of freedom.
In the devastated town, citizen militias were organized to enforce safety and order. But the process is a long and painful one as danger awaits within and beyond the bonds of the city. The president needs enlightened leaders to head the city gangs in a crusade against crime, all forms of deviance, and America's many enemies – will you be one of those great men providence sends?

The year is undetermined - a new calendar was adopted in Neutron York that set the beginning of a new millennium to sort all the disputes on that matter. The technological challenges of the time are mostly aimed at recovering and restoring pre-cataclysm devices to put them and civilization back on track.
Whether you choose to fight in the name of a ghost president, his enemies or your own interest you are very likely to find opposition armed with rotten teeth, spiky clubs or 20th century guns in your way - but don't be surprised if you get melted by the occasional plasma rifle, as the top gangs will often be able to operate and maintain such high-tech weaponry.

Neutron York 3000 is a post-apoc skirmish game brought to you by the Golgo Island Studios and supported by a range of 28mm miniatures by East Riding Miniatures . It features:
  • Alternate activation. Move one figure, then your opponent does the same.
  • Simple no-chart, no-math combat mechanics. Just roll some D6s and immediately read the result.
  • A campaign and experience system. Take your gangers from Rookie to Legend status, and fit them with the best weapons available.
  • Scenario-building tools. Use them to make your own scenarios, or use the ready-made samples provided.
  • A point system that comes with a complete Character/Force builder. Join one of the 8 factions described or design your own, be it for a campaign or one-off games.
  • Plenty of extra rules. To further enrich your NY3K games, rules for vehicles, non-player characters and mass battles are included.
Neutron York in the President's Millenium

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