Questions and Answers

A "Questions & Answers" section has been added to the Extras. It'll get updated thanks to your feedback.

Ajout d'une section "Questions & Answers" aux Extras. Elle sera mise à jour au fur et à mesure de vos retours.

Game Report: Seeking Max

Max Königstiger has gone missing!

Read more in the Action section!

Additions to Tourney rules

I have added 2 examples of competitive gang lists - at least, gang lists that have a tournament-oriented plan behind them. You'll find them in the "extras" section.

"Extras" Section Added

An "Extras" section has been added; it will host various gaming tools & help.
The first document is an "Express" version of the basic rules, to be printed on a single A4 sheet. Handy for demos - or anyone who is curious about the game's mechanics.
Edit: I've just added some tournament conventions as well :)

NY3K now for sale at 6sided

Hi folks

NY3K is now available for download from

Many thanks to those of you who have already purchased the game and/or expressed their interest. Happy gaming! :)